Thank you helping me get in!

While I had strong credentials going into the process, I was completely surprised by how painful the essays would be. In fact, my several first attempts were undeniably a disaster.

I contacted Ivy MBA Consulting, based on a recommendation, with a mere three weeks to go, in a panicked state over my futile attempts to draft essays. Fortunately, the team was great (and prompt!) in getting me in touch with a consultant much more capable in dealing with the vagaries of the essay process than I.

Fortunately, over the course of many a late night, my panic slowly settled as my essays improved materially with the guidance of my consultant, Lauri. My essays were read and re-read by Lauri and a grammar expert from Ivy up until the day before the due date.  Lauri was great in calming me down, guiding me, providing invaluable advice, and generally in being a huge safety net. My mock interview also proved to be very valuable.

My many thanks to Ivy MBA Consulting for all the help, especially on a very short notice. I would strongly recommend anyone else thinking of applying to an MBA program and struggling (who isn’t!) in writing the essays.

Thank you again.



Dima (CA, USA)

Chicago Booth Class of 2013