Today I’m facing the biggest decision of my life. I have to choose between LBS and NYU – something I could only dream about a few months ago, and it’s all thanks to Ivy’s professionalism. Right from the start you can feel that Ivy’s advantage is their personal approach. Before turning to Ivy, I contacted a different consulting company asking for a counselling session, and was answered that they don’t hold such appointments. on the other hand,on ivy i was told  straight away that it was no problem and that I should feel free to turn to him with any question I have. Another advantage is their whole strategy regarding the applications, a strategy that helped me define a sharp and comprehensive profile of myself for my application.

You truly cannot quantify Ivy’s professionalism and understanding of the process’s different requirements. There wasn’t one question I asked to which I did not receive a comprehensive answer.

Considering the top MBA programs’ unbelievable competitiveness, the advantage Ivy grants you is essential, and I couldn’t recommend it more.


NYU or LBS, Class of 2013