I’m Danny, a 35-year-old husband and father of three, and I’m starting the upcoming school year at Berkeley. 

I heard about Ivy MBA Consulting through a good friend, a first-year student at Tepper, who recommended Ivy as a consulting firm started by two MBA graduates and staffed by advisors who not only are familiar with the variety of MBA programs and possibilities, but who, like the founders, have done a top MBA program themselves and therefore can speak from experience and will do everything to help you fulfill the dream.

Because I trust this friend completely, I decided to check Ivy out, and I’m happy I did. If I had to choose three words to summarize my work with Ivy MBA Consulting during the last year, it would be these: professionalism, integrity and friendship. 

Professionalism – Ivy MBA Consulting has a mastery of the admissions process, a deep understanding of what is required, what’s important, what isn’t, what to focus on and what is right for you specifically. Although all candidates undertake the same general process, along the way there are many nuances and personal aspects that can determine which school is right for you and whether to “sell” yourself in one way or another. It is very important to understand the American way of thinking in general, and more specifically to know what the MBA admissions committees look for at the various schools, since every school has its own unique requirements and  looks for different profiles in its candidates. The team at Ivy is highly proficient and knowledgeable in these matters and therefore will direct you to the schools that are the best fit for you. 

Integrity – This is, of course, very, very, very important. When investing large sums (the process costs a lot of money, from the GMAT through the applications to the schools themselves), it is exceedingly important to work with trusted and unbiased advisors. Such advisors are one of Ivy’s virtues. Unlike its unnamed competitors – who measure billable time with a stopwatch for every question, request or email, tracking the seconds in order to charge you like a lawyer (forgive me attorneys; I love you) – Ivy MBA Consulting provides a fair and reliable service that focuses on the big picture and not on half-minutes. Prices are reasonable and Ivy won’t hit you with hidden fees and charges that don’t make sense. 

Friendship – Beyond everything, I found new friends in Ivy. The founders, are lovely people. Sure, the service requires establishing an intimate acquaintance to get maximum results, but beyond that,they are simply great guys that talk with. And  yes, they even talk about the disadvantages of studying abroad (trust me – there are some). Throughout the entire process, they support you as friends who care about you and the dream you want to realize. 

For someone with a family, it was important for me to apply for schools where my family would feel comfortable. Here, too, I found that Ivy MBA Consulting had an adventage, since its array of advisors provides deep familiarity  with the various schools and their communities.  The Ivy network gave me  the best service and the most accurate information about everything. 

I strongly recommend Ivy MBA Consulting as the consulting firm that will get you into the right MBA program, and I’ll be happy to talk with anyone  about the process. 

I have no doubt that Ivy was critical in my being admitted to an excellent program that I am sure will take me far. 

you are larger than life! Carry on! 

Daniel Barr