Michael, and The Ivy Family,

When I started the process over a year ago, I was committed to the MBA dream, but was mostly tripping in the dark. I was referred to you by good friends, and you provided me with dedicated care beyond all my expectations. With your help, I fulfilled my dream and was admitted to two of the leading business schools – Chicago Booth and MIT Sloan.

Consulting is a way of life for you. You held my hand from the first step, assisting with every decision and dilemma; you were always available to answer my every question. You helped me strengthen my candidacy by making the right choices in my career and in life, and gave me the assurance of being backed by a strong team, supporting me professionally and personally. I’m happy to say we became friends, and that because of you I was able to join an amazing network of people even before I ever left to the US.

Your clear advantages, such as working with MBA graduates who know the ins and outs of the process and all its important nuances, are just the tip of the iceberg. Today I know your work goes beyond what the candidate sees, extending to additional quality checks, consultations and collaborations that are performed behind the scenes, all designed to provide the optimal results. For me, the highlight was the day decisions were announced: you were at least as anxious as I was, and so, when I called you with the good news, your excitement exceeded my own!

Thanks for everything! I have no doubt that our relationship will continue and even strengthen with time, and that you will continue to support me and your other clients throughout the next chapter of our lives.

I truly appreciate and cherish you guys!

Daniel Blanaru

Chicago Booth Class of 2012