My journey to a Colombia MBA began about a month and a half before the submissions’ date, and with no GMAT score to speak of. I never believed that the process could go through so smoothly and successfully.

Itay, Ariel and the rest of the talented team at Ivy made all the difference.

Ivy simply live the MBA world, and in a matter of days they also began to live my world (and so much so that at times it seemed as though they knew the details of my life as well I do…). The Ivy team played a major role in the entire process and in every important decision made. One of Ivy’s biggest advantages is that every such decision is discussed among several consultants, and by the time a decision is reached you’re completely assured by every step. In addition, in my case, the constant availability and rapid pace were a critical factor, and Ivy made sure to work around my schedule in the most effective way. And of no less importance, beyond their total professionalism, the attitude at Ivy is friendly, caring, supportive and very personal.

I recommend that you choose Ivy if you’re looking for a real partner for the journey, one that is passionate about your success, that will guide you professionally and know how to extract the most out of you, but most importantly, knows how to deliver results.

Thank you so much!


Columbia Business School, Class of 2013