Boaz was born in 1976. He is married and a proud father of four. Following his long tenure in the Air Force, Boaz studied law and communications and joined NRG, a leading online newspaper, first as a news editor and later was promoted to homepage editor. In 2006, Boaz moved to Evanston to do his full-time MBA at Kellogg. Boaz graduated in 2008 and started a long career in the space of e-learning, education technology and digital books, initially at McGraw-Hill in NYC. In 2013 Boaz co-founded ForClass in the space of education technology and was later (2016) acquired by Time To Know. Boaz is now CBO of Sternum, in the IoT security space. While at Kellogg, Boaz gained significant knowledge and insights about the admission process. He advised on application narrative, essays writing and interviewing. While at Ivy MBA Consulting, Boaz advised hundreds of applicants to most of the top MBA programs worldwide with significant success rate.