Interview with Lisa Rios, Director of MBA Admissions at NYU Stern

18/06/2016 / No Comments

While wrapping up our cycle for the Fall 2016 intake, we were lucky to catch Lisa Rios, Director of MBA Admissions at NYU Stern for a Q&A session. According to Rios, this application season has been a strong one and they are looking forward for Fall term. It is hard to know for certain what [...

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Networking for MBA Applicants – Getting Endorsement from the Inside

04/04/2016 / No Comments

Have you ever liked someone before you’ve even met them—just because your friends vouched for them? Admissions officers at top MBA programs often feel the same way. Think about it this way: admissions committees go through hell trying to sift for the best, the brightest, and the coolest applicant...

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MBA Programs that Start in January

23/03/2016 / No Comments

January: traditionally the time for making soon-to-be-discarded New Year’s resolutions and packing away old holiday ornaments. But for savvy MBA aspirants, January can be a time of exciting new beginnings. As the number of applicants for top-tier MBA programs continues to grow, candidates might b...

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The MBA Interview – How Important Is It?

15/03/2016 / No Comments

MBA interviewers are looking for one thing: they want to feel good while interacting with the applicant. Many interviewers use the airport test when meeting a candidate. They ask themselves, would they be happy to get stuck in an airport for many hours with this person? Would time pass painfully ...

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