From the beginning of time and to the end of days, the most important thing in every action, be it the smallest one between two atoms or the biggest between suns, is the result!

After removing the result itself from the discussion, we can start talking about the path that led to it. So, the result – I got in!! And now I’ll tell you a story, not about amazing essays, not about the sleepless nights endured by both the Ivy team and me, not a story about how disappointed I was by Ivy’ competitors, not about the brilliant ideas that didn’t stop rolling in, not about the eloquent English that gleamed off every document they produced, not about the variety of products and expertise that Ivy provides or its competitive prices, but about people – the story of the Ivy family.

The people at Ivy are the company’s secret, the people that will give their all for your success, that will accompany and mentor you around the clock from all over the world (Israel, Europe, the USA and even the Far East), that will form a strong and real connection with the applicants – a true bond rather than just a voice over the phone or a letter in the mail. The people at Ivy gave me the feeling of true family, the kind that will accompany me not only before the admissions but through my MBA studies and after.

I feel incredibly lucky to have been accepted into such a family and treated as part of the household. I know that without the amazing relationships we have formed I could not have reached the end result, relationships that I am sure will prevail for many years. Everyone knows that a family that fights for one of its members can move mountains – such a family is Ivy.

Many lines in many pages can easily be filled with compliments regarding the professional, devoted, meticulous, reliable, supporting, creative and warm service Ivy has granted me, but it is more important for me that you understand that our world – all the more so the business world which we all pursue – is created by people, and one’s biggest advantage is the people that surround him.

Ivy is more than a company, it’s a family – my family.


Ross, Class of 2013