Recommendation Letter to Ivy MBA Consulting,

The previous year ended with misery. As an American citizen with high GMAT scores, I was sure that any program in the world was just waiting for my application. Therefore I applied and applied and applied without any thought, any advice – or anything else, for that matter. Just me and the two hours I allocated for each essay. Oh, the innocence. All the dings brought me to the conclusion that if I really want to be accepted at one of the world’s best MBA programs, I need to turn to a leading consulting firm. I realized I needed to stop approaching the process as a troublesome requirement and begin to treat it with the utmost seriousness.

This seriousness I found with Ivy MBA Consulting.

Market research led me to conclude that Ivy MBA Consulting is the right place for me.  Ivy provides personal attention from graduates of the most prestigious MBA programs in the world. After deep thought, the right consultant is assigned to each candidate; moreover, every candidate is accompanied by a hidden but influential and important team of consultants and editors who provide a wide network and valuable information on all the leading schools in the world. Of particular importance for me was the contribution of this team was my advisor, a graduate of the same school I will be attending, to whom I owe a lot.

My assisting advisor, Nissan, was always available at any time and for any matter. Many hours of conversation passed between us, and in all of them, Nissan not only provided advice  but also support. The entire process is not at all easy. It requires a lot of thought and hours of labor, and it makes you provide honest answers to many questions: Where you come from and where you are going. What you are really looking for and how you expect to achieve it. What are the important things in life for you, and how these things have led you to where you are today. An aloof or cold consulting process could never replace the warm personal relationship that Ivy, with its variety of consultants, can provide.

The day after tomorrow I’m traveling to Tuck, to the admitted-students’ weekend, the beginning of a new era for me, an era that I am doubtful would have ever occurred without the support of the Ivy family.