To the Undecided:

Perhaps you have read all the compliments here and are thinking to yourself “What does Ivy MBA Consulting really provide? What makes the company unique, and how will it help me reach my desired goal?”

Being a practical person, I’ll leave aside the compliments for the moment and list some major benefits I found in Ivy MBA Consulting.

In-depth knowledge and a guiding hand – Ivy MBA Consulting is a company based on graduates from top MBA schools – people who were in your shoes only a few years ago. Their experience and knowledge were transferred to me, up to the smallest of details. At every event I attended, I was astonished to feel that I was always a few steps ahead of the other candidates. I was even more surprised when talking with current students at schools to which I applied – I often found that I knew more about their school’s program than they did!

Networking in all the leading universities – With every application I worked on, not only was I matched with a consultant who graduated from that program, but I was also put in touch with students who attend that school. This deep network gave me a profound picture of the program, which contributed greatly to the applications.

Comprehensive and personal guidance – The role of the personal advisor role is most critical. The advisor not only brings his or her professional abilities, but also provides supports and encouragement during difficult moments. The period of preparation and essay writing was one of the most exhausting and challenging times I have undergone. There were moments of crisis, and the advisor’s ability to say the right things got me through these trials and kept me focused on the goal.

Complete sincerity and availability – As opposed to a classic “client-supplier” relationship, where you are usually constrained to working with one contact, at Ivy MBA Consulting you are not limited to just your advisor; rather, you have ready access to the directors and other advisers, and most of them” breathe” your life story and are involved in every detail of your application process.

Continuity – Ivy’s service does not end at the moment of acceptance. The company stayed in touch with  me even after I was accepted and continued to offer their help. There is no doubt that I will go on and use the Ivy knowledge base and alumni network while abroad, both in the university and at work.

Of course I will finish with thank yous:  To Aviv, Gur and Oren – Each of you assisted and supported me at every stage of this long process, and everyone made a special contribution that helped me realize the dream. I owe special thanks to my advisor, Eli Amar, a dear person who went from a counselor to a true friend. 

Good luck to everyone down the road, 

Avi Ryan 
Ross MBA Class of 2012