During my first attempt at an MBA admission I didn’t work with Ivy but rather with a rival company. At first I was very impressed with the capabilities of my consultant (who was not an MBA graduate), but as it turned out, that wasn’t enough. Out of the four programs to which I had applied, I wasn’t called for a single interview.

As for my second attempt, I decided to follow the recommendation of a friend who thanks to them was admitted into an MBA, and turn to Ivy MBA Consulting. From the very first feedback, I understood that it’s a whole different ball game. There’s no substitute for a consultant who actually underwent the process himself, that is familiar with the American business world and knows what sort of material will impress an admissions board and what won’t, and primarily, a consultant who is backed by an entire panel of experienced professionals.

The results speak for themselves. Out of the three programs I applied for in the first round I got accepted into two (including a full scholarship for one of them). And a very special thank you to Amit Karp and to Amnon Ron who argued with me which of us was happier that I got accepted – me or him (I won. With all due respect…).

Couldn’t be happier to sign,


Chicago Booth, Class of 2013