So yes, I’m sitting down today to write a thank you letter to Ivy MBA Consulting after I’ve already gotten accepted into the MBA program, but the truth is I was planning on thanking them whether I was accepted or not – just because they deserve it. They deserve it for their seriousness, their professionalism, but most of all, their friendship! Today, after I was admitted into the program I wanted from the very beginning.

In retrospect, after having already worked with Ivy, I find myself surprised by two things. The first thing being – it was all me! Ivy’s guidance and direction propels us, the applicants, to bring forth our own personal stories, to focus on the simplicity, truthfulness and decency of the ideas we want to convey. Secondly, I didn’t expect to form such a great friendship with my consultant and with every Ivy’s employee I have met during the process.

Total availability, honesty, flexibility, exceptional involvement and care. I really feel that my success is no less theirs.

That’s it folks, in two months I’m going to say goodbye to all the people I love and relocate my life. I’m going to miss the good advice I received from the people at Ivy, and I thank them from the bottom of my heart!