I wanted to tell you that I just received the desired phone call from Berkley. It’s beyond my wildest dreams! Not only I was accepted at my preferred school, I also received a huge scholarship (the Haas Merit Scholarship – for which candidates from around the world, including America, compete). 

I thought I’d take this opportunity to thank you for the help and support you gave me through this exhausting process.

During the last eight months, you have become an integral part of my life.  I drank coffee in the morning while reading your e-mails, and I went to sleep at night after improving my work according to your comments. I doubt that many people know me as well as you do; strange, given that we have never met in person.

Thanks to you, I overcame difficulties and limitations. The personal attention, intensity and persistence you demonstrated helped me learn from experience, improve, and reach achievements I never dared to hope for myself. My admission to Ross and, above all, to Berkley, prove that your service has value sometimes hard to understand. I learned and improved in a way that allowed me to accomplish my goal and will certainly help me in the future.

So what in my eyes were the most important things? Working 24 / 7 – Ivy MBA Consulting is really “an empire where the sun never sets”; the amazing people who worked with me – champions at their school; and finally, the structured approach that was up to any challenge. Without them, I cannot see how anyone can succeed.

Take care of yourself, and send a SMS when you’re in San Francisco.

All the best,


Berkley Haas Class of 2012